May 26, 2006

The Prodigal Son and Summer Blogging

It’s been a while...

and by ‘a while’ I mean over two months since my last post. Rest assured, I do not return to the proverbial table empty handed. Over the past eight weeks I’ve traveled East twice, passing through seven states and four major cities in what was, ultimately, a blessedly successful quest for employment. Between marathon-long “official visits” (eight hour ordeals of candidate evaluation that bear striking resemblance to Baka Pygmy manhood rituals) I actually managed to see a great deal of the cities and countryside I thought I knew so well. Much to reflect on, especially with regards to Mid-Atlantic wetlands, African Americans in Washington D.C. and the wanton depravity of the 20-something New York City financial scene.

In any event, our astute readers are no doubt already wondering what my personal “success” means for the future of this thriving forum. Though John and I have yet to discuss the issue at hand, I dare say that my return east actually augments both the spirit and, of course, formal title of East Meets West. Let us also acknowledge reality for a moment: the prolific bedrock of this page (John) remains west in Palo Alto indefinitely. Thus, I am optimistic, and I urge our readers to be as well.

That aside, in the coming weeks I hope to post a gratuitously critical response to John’s First (And Probably Last) Artistic Inspiration (stick to your rocks, shameless imposter!%!), an expose on sidewalk graffiti and latent class contempt in my Western Addition neighborhood as well as bits and pieces on the corporeal experience of instrumental performance, how I found myself dressed as a lobster and entered in their years Bay to Breakers and a few questions to John regarding financial markets and their effect on domestic and global oil prices. Thanks for all of your emails of support while I’ve been gone - it’s good to get back into the fray!


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Gotta see those lobster pictures...

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